G R U M P Y!!!


DH woke up at 6:30 this morning and fell asleep on the couch again at 9...and din't wake up till after 11. He wanted to get the Christmas stuff put up today so that we could basically relax tomorrow. He was ticked off because we didn't wake him up...I tried to tell him that he should have just gotten up and gotten to work this morning instead of going back to sleep in the first place. Either that, or quit bitching at us for HIM sleeping. Of course, this sets my mood pretty much for the rest of the day. Every little thing gets under my skin from this point on. Kind of makes putting up the Christmas stuff a little on the unenjoyable side.

We still have stuff to get up inside and the lights on the outside need to be done too. Didn't get as much done as we'd hoped and we'll be getting the rest of it done tomorrow, I suppose. Hopefully we'll all be able to get up and get moving at an acceptable hour and just get it done.

And hopefully everyone will be in a pleasant mood...anyone starts bitching and I might just need to leave and go get some shopping done or something.

The painting got done though...the night before Thanksgiving actually. That's a good thing.

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