5 am and the gym...

What a combo, huh? That's how my morning started today. Alex and I joined a new gym, just up the street from our house...we joined a few months ago actually and embarassingly enough, we haven't been yet. We went last night to check it out and decided that we'd start this morning and we did just that. Of course, now, it's 7:15 and I'm ready to go back to bed. I guess I should just get in the shower and get on with the day...need to get Emily up for school in a little while anyway.

We're still at a stand still with the pool. We're waiting for the first inspection that was supposed to be done on Friday. But, Friday was Veterans Day and the county offices were closed. You'd think that would make the inspector come yesterday, but they didn't. Maybe today? Once they sign off on the permits, the shell can be shot. I'm so ready for the next step.

It's my volunteer day at school today...and then lunch with Emily. I think I'll go in early and get some leaves cut for Emily's teacher. She mentioned needing a ton of them for the Holiday crafts coming up. Oh, the joyful life of a stay at home Mom. Sounds fun, huh???

Maybe when I get back from school, I'll concentrate on the scraproom. I need to get my FUD project done and uploaded to the Scrapforums gallery. I just got back a bunch of pictures (like 200) from York Photo and I'd like to maybe work on some of them. Plus, I have some new MoBe' Stamps to cut too...I want to use them soon!!! So much to do in here...where to begin?

Off to the shower and on with the day!!! Have a great one!

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