And the fun begins!!!

Today is the official start day of the construction of our swimming pool. The bobcat crew was here waiting when I got home from taking Emily to school. They took up the concrete by the screened porch that will, in a few weeks, be part of the pool deck. In fact, that entire wall where the screen and door is...that'll all be gone too. That back porch will open wide up to the entire pool and deck and it's going to look INCREDIBLE!

The pool guy says he tells everyone 12 weeks for construction and if he finishes in 6 weeks then he's the king. So, let's see...our pool should be finished no later than January 26, 2006. (that's 12 weeks) Of course, we're hoping they'll be done WAYYYYYYYYY before that!! We won't be swimming till at least April, but it'll be nice to look at.

Now, I'm getting anxious!!!! Bring on the heavy equipment!!

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twistedsoda said...

a pool would be super fantabulous...these days were planning a skating rink...brrrr...its been so cold!