Almost another weekend...

Where did the week go? Man, sometimes things just get so busy that everything just kind of blurs together and before ya know it, it's another weekend.

The pool has come to a stand still again...the eye candy was gone by 10:30 yesterday morning. They have it all framed in and now we have to wait for an inspection. The owner of the pool company (another cutie) came by this morning and said inspection will be tomorrow and the shell will be shot by Thursday of next week. It's all so exciting...but will be even more exciting when it looks more like a pool and not just a HUGE hole in the ground. And man, is it every HUGE! We took the deep end to 7 ft. so that we can dive off the deep end. Apparently this was a big deal and not something they do very often anymore. Every person that has come to do something with the pool has commented on the size and depth of this thing. But...this is what DH wanted and we'll really be able to enjoy it once its all finished!

My first class projects are finished now. I did two altered candles for the holidays and they're now on display at Memory Lane. So far, everyone has oohed and ahhed over them and I've got at least 4 people signed up for the class already. And a couple that are wanting an evening class too. Hmmm...that might work. I'll have to look at the schedule and see if I can fit in an evening class. Now, to get started on the to/from tags for the class on the 15th.

Going on a field trip with Emily's class tomorrow. Going to the theater to see a play. Should be a lot of fun. Em's happy that I'm going so that's what counts the most. I need to get up from here now and get all of my work done though so that I don't have it to worry about tomorrow though.

So, on that note...HAPPY CLEANING!!! (NOT!!!)

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twistedsoda said...

can never go wrong with eye candy!!! No matter what time of day it is...hehe