What were we thinking????

DH has this grand idea to get the family room painted before we put up the Christmas stuff. Of course, this is a job that we've been talking about getting done since we painted the dining room month's ago. But, it's just been put off and put off again. He was planning to get a lot of this kind of stuff done between Christmas and New Year, but now that Brooks and Kyle are coming that week, he'd like to have it all done before then. Soooooooo...we started painting LAST NIGHT. The room already looks better, but still...now, it's a mad rush to get it done before Thanksgiving.

I've already called to tell the school that I won't be there to volunteer today.

I'm off now to get my paint roller and gloves.



Emily said...

Ooooooh what color are you painting! And how fun, having the boys visit!

twistedsoda said...
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twistedsoda said...

ooops.... try this again! Good luck with the painting. I'm sure you will do a great job. Me...I hate painting! I get it everywhere!