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It's Thursday evening...late. I just finished watching the Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy and was so happy with the ending. All I can say is "bout damn time"!! I love that show. Thanks to my friend Michele that told me that I just "HAD" to start watching. What...2 or 3 seasons ago?

Tuesday was my last day at the scrapbook store. The day seemed to drag by too. I probably could have made Monday my last day but I had to pay for the hold that I had there and figured that I might as well work if I was driving all the way out there. I didn't want to be there...at all. I was ready to go...no mixed emotions at all. Unfortunately, I forgot to leave my key to the store. That means that I need to run it over there soon. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

I finished the baby book that I was working on. Took it to work with me on Monday and showed the guy. It still needed a few finishing touches and I told him it'd be done on Tuesday. I also told him at that point how much it would be. He said it was a deal and he'd see me Tuesday. Well...on Tuesday, he came in...looked at the finished book. Ooohed and Ahhhed over it...asked me to hold it while he went to the bank. I told him what time I was leaving...and he didn't come back.

Anybody need a gift for a baby girl? I'll post pics of it soon and am thinking that I will probably just open up an Etsy shop with it.

Today, I had a dr's appt for my knee. I slipped down a hill in Tampa at the last regatta and my bad knee buckled under me in a full bend. It ached a little bit but not too bad till about LAST Saturday. I stepped up from the garage into the kitchen, on that leg, and almost fell over from the pain that shot through my knee. I made an appt at the same orthopedic clinic and went today. X-Rays showed no breaks or arthritis so we're moving on to the MRI next. The dr thinks that my miniscus is torn once again. Which means that I'll need arthroscopic surgery again in the near future. The MRI scheduler is supposed to call me with a date either tomorrow or Tuesday. We'll go from there. Oh boy...

Tomorrow morning I'll be here waiting on the cable guy to get here. Our wireless router took a hike on us and needs to be changed out. AGAIN. They just put this one in back in January. WTH? Luckily, the modem is in my office/scraproom...making MY computer the one that can be hooked up directly to the modem. Ha!

Oh...I almost forgot to add too that I'm happy that David Cook won American Idol. I liked David Archuletta from the beginning but got tired of his style after a few weeks. He's so young and I hope that making it that far in the competition doesn't mess him up for the rest of his life. He seems like such a good boy. I think we'll see a lot of David Cook actually. But, he'll never be better than my boy Chris Daughtry, in my opinion. And most people know how I feel about Daughtry. ;)

OK...off to bed now. Need to get up and moving early in hopes that the cable guy gets here closer to 8 than 11 tomorrow morning.


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preci28 said...

oh I hope they figure out what's wrong with your knee and you feel better soon..

I'm so with you on Grey's.. I mean how long was it going to take before we finally saw some Mer-Der time AGAIN!!! LOL!!