Police Concert

It's Friday!!! And I kicked the weekend off by working the concessions for the Police and Elvis Costello concert at the Arena. I've been working the concessions for a couple of years now and only recently started managing our stand. Boone Crew is one of the "volunteer groups" that work the different events. We do Magic games, Predators games, concerts and more. A portion of the sales get kicked back to the Crew team and most of it goes back to the accounts of those that work the events, to pay for dues. (some of the events go strictly to general funds too...to pay for equipment and stuff) Make sense?

Tonight I turned in the paperwork to change the "contact information". I am officially the Amway Arena contact for Boone Crew. This will be one of the hats that I'll wear for the next season. I'll be coordinating the events that we work and who will work them. I'm giving up Registration Chairperson and Corresponding Secretary but will keep the Amway Coordinator position and the Ad book too. We usually only work 2-3 events each month so it really shouldn't be so bad. Its an easy way to earn money and not have to pay out of pocket for your kids to row.

Anyway, tonight was the Police concert. And man, what a night! We were SLAMMED pretty much the entire time! We did about $2K more than we do at a Magic game. There was a LOT of beer poured tonight. I had a group of about 4 guys that came back to me every time they needed beer...they tipped AT LEAST $4 each time they came back. Once they left me more than $8. Super nice guys...a little tipsy, but nice. And one of them was very good looking too, I might add. :) (a girl can look, right?)

The concert was SUPER! We could hear it in the stand and I found myself singing along quite a bit. I didn't realize how many songs I like by the Police. Only a couple by Elvis Costello, but I really did enjoy the Police.

I'm rambling, huh? Drinking a Corona, winding down after the busy night...everyone in my house is asleep. Josh went out with a few kids from the team. He should be home in a while too.

Tomorrow is the last Saturday that I have to work. I think I'm going to tell Debbie that my last day will be Tuesday. I don't feel like she really needs me there right now. I feel like I'm wasting my time and her money by being there. I have plenty to keep me busy here at home. I've got an end of the year party to plan for Em's class and just so much that I'd like to get done at home before the last day of school.

We have an all day crop at the shop tomorrow. Its a monthly group that I love working with. I have a great time with the group of girls. We usually aren't too busy while they're there so I'll probably get to work on something of my own for a while. I'm working on that baby book for that custom order. I worked on it a bit today but still have a lot to do in it. The covers are finished. The inside pages probably shouldn't take me too long. I'll take everything with me to work on it while I'm hanging with the S.A.S.S.Y. girls.

I think I'm headed to bed here...I'm getting sleepy. I can't tell you how excited I am about being able to SLEEP IN tomorrow morning. Ha...and Sunday too! Woo hoo! This girl LOVES her sleep and with crew, those early morning races sure made for some early wake up calls. I don't expect to be up before 9 tomorrow...and there won't be an alarm to wake me either. Ahhhhhh...it'll be so nice! I might even turn the ringer off on the phone too. Just in case. :)

Hey Bill...look...I've blogged almost ALL WEEK. Are you shocked? LOL

Night all!

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