Monday Monday...

Made it through one more day at the LSS. It was rather slow today so I spent my day cutting kits for a class she's doing next week. It was a Friends layout that I'd done without thinking about the possibility of her putting it on the class schedule. But, she did...so I made up 7 kits today with the stuff that we had left.

I finished a cute little "DAD" wall hanger the other day. It started out as this thing by Kaiser Crafts. I covered it with paper from this line by Moxxie. The papers are all double sided and of course, the two sides that I used aren't shown here. One had little screws all over it and the other has stripes and tape measures too. Very very cute and "dad like". Anyway...I finished the hanger on Thursday and the other five that we had in stock are already gone now. That didn't take long at all. Its fun to see stuff sell out quickly when you put up an example.

I really should take my camera with me tomorrow to take a picture of that and the latest layout that I did too. Its titled "Life is good at Grandma's" and I actually thought that one turned out cute too. I normally struggle with layouts without photos but since I started using the DreamKutz by Zutter, I use pretty much all 4x6 mats on those layouts and they seem to come together easier. That cutter makes cutting those so quick and easy.

Did I tell you that I really miss scrapping my own stuff??? I can't wait to get back into the swing of that. I think I might go fold some laundry and then head into the scraproom to clean up a bit. Emily has her last brownies meeting of the year tonight at Cici's pizza...I have time to get a few things done before we leave for that.

Oh...speaking of Emily...here's a shot that I took of her this weekend.

The boat that the lightweight 4 rows in is called the "EMILY"...of course, our Emily LOVES this. I had to get a pic of it, don't you think??

Can't leave Josh out...here he is...almost 17 yrs old now. Can you believe it? He's gonna be a HS SENIOR soon. AAAAAACK! Its almost time to start applying to colleges and all that good stuff. HOLY SMOKES...I'm not ready for that! LOL


preci28 said...

Love how Emily's outfit matches the boat! Wow does she look grown up!!!

Stacie said...

Holy kraut. I cannot believe how big the kids are!!!
Both of them are beautiful!

Margaret Lembcke said...

Love these photos! Your kids are good lookin for sure! How did you get the pictures situated like that? In my blog I only know how to get them at the top. And we have the same style so I know it can be done!!!
But how??