A busy weekend ahead...

We're winding down to the end of our school year...where has the time gone? I'm actually happy that we're almost finished. Its been a tough year for Emily and we can only hope that next year will be better.

The end of the year party is today. We've gone with a Jungle Safari theme and I've planned out a few fun things for the class. I think they'll enjoy it. I bought pith helmets and mini binoculars for everyone...can't wait to get that group shot.

We also have Josh's crew banquet tonight. I've heard that Josh will be getting an award so I'm excited to see what that will be. We'll also find out if he was selected as one of next year's captains too. The boy is so passionate about rowing and plans to carry it over into college. Being a Captain would certainly be a great thing for him, both for his ego (for lack of better words) and for the college apps too.

Then...we have dance dress rehearsals this weekend. Oh boy! Another sign that the school year is ending. Its almost recital time! I actually enjoy this time of year. Getting to see all the costumes and dances before recital. All the girls are always so excited and happy at dress rehearsal. Of course, its also a good time for me to get a few good pictures of Em too.

Not only will we be doing dress rehearsals...but this is the weekend that Maggi and I are setting up our crafts to sell too. We've done a bunch of different themed frames and stuff and will be setting up at dress rehearsal. We'll be taking custom orders and filling them between now and recital day. Alot of folks have already shown interest in doing a frame as a recital gift, instead of flowers. If that's the case, we could be VERY VERY busy! (lets hope so anyway!)
I did this cute little hanger to display this weekend too. Made it out of drink coasters and decorated it like one of Emily's competition numbers. I want to get photos on it and hang it up while we're there tomorrow too. I've shown it to a few of the moms that I know from that dance and they seemed pretty interested too. I'd like to get another one made, in another color scheme...to show too. But I think I might just be outta time. Maybe if I get up from here and get on with things, I can squeeze one in today. Fingers crossed.

OK...the shower is calling my name. Need to get my butt in gear.

Have a great weekend!!!

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