Decision has been made...

Well, looks like there won't be a trip to Tennessee, afterall. Yesterday, the coach had all the kids in that boat, meet him at Coldstone to talk about it. Josh figured that meant that the coach would tell them they weren't going. Considering he had a group trying to stay lightweight...why would they meet to have ice cream. And he was right.

The coach decided that there were a lot of things that should have been planned out better and we're not going. Josh and the others are upset with his decision and I hope that they can put it behind them and realize that the coach based his decision on a lot of different factors and is doing what he feels is best. I hope that they can get back into the right frame of mind and work harder to get there next year. And after all of this, I think that things will be planned out better and we'll know more than 10 days before Nationals whether or not we'll be going. And hopefully, we'll have more than one boat that will qualify to go too. I know its tough for these four rowers to understand...they all wanted so badly to go and do their best.

So...I guess this means that the season is officially over. It also means that we'll have a few weekends at home again. ALL WEEKEND...both Saturday AND Sunday. Of course, we still have dance stuff coming up but it isn't EVERY weekend now. I feel a slight sense of relief. Between leaving the LSS and the crew season ending...I might actually have more time on my hands again. Whatever will I do with all this spare time? Oh, how I look forward to finding out! Hehehehehehehe

Today is Field Day at Em's school. Unfortunately, they planned it for 11:30 till 2:30 this afternoon. Not quite sure what they were thinking. Come on, its Florida and already 90* for Pete's sake. It would have been so much better to have it in the morning. Or at least one would think. I'm having lunch with the class and then will be there to watch all the fun. Of course, I'll have camera in hand while I'm there too.

Time to fold the laundry and get a shower. Better take advantage of this time at home this morning. See ya!

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