Home again, home again...

Just got back home this afternoon. Been home long enough to set up the computer again, unpack the cars, the suitcases and check a bit of e-mail. I can't get Yahoo Messenger to load correctly. I keep getting a "memory could not be read" error every time I try to sign on to Messenger. I finally uninstalled it and have it on the web now and will probably need to reinstall it. Maybe tomorrow.

Thought I'd share a couple other pics from our getaway.These were taken on our very first day there. It was early evening and the sun was beginning to hide behind the condo building...this made the beach rather overcast but the sun was still shining on the water. It was so cool! This picture of Emily is one of my absolute favorites of the weekend. She was in such a giddy mood and very cooperative for photos. LOVE THAT! The one of Josh with Emily isn't all that great...but a happy moment between the two of them. I have to cherish these moments because sometimes it seems that they don't come often enough.

We met this fisherman on the dock of the restaurant that we ate at on Thursday night. He caught a crab with a fishing hook and that's what started that conversation actually. The crab had claws that were a good inch and a half thick. Not quite sure what kind of crab it was though. But really strange that he caught it with the fishing hook. He let Emily fish for a bit but she didn't catch anything. My friend Nancy and I called him the Gordon's fisherman...he had a raincoat and all. Very funny.
Here's one of Em and I...don't mind how awful I look. Bleck! Nancy and I set out to find a scrapbook store in Daytona Beach...and found it. There was a cute little park area across the street and we took this pic. This was a picture that Nancy took at that same little park area. Another great shot of Em. She's such a ham at times!

I think that's all the pictures that I really want to share today. I guess I didn't get nearly as many as I'd hoped to. But, there are some fun memories behind the phtoos that I did get. So I'm not going to complain. Quite honestly, the camera stayed up in the condo alot more than it was out.

I got a York Photo order while I was gone. More than 100 pictures that I'd ordered the week before we left. Can't wait to see how they turned out. I'm off to look at those now.

Thanks for reading!


TamiV said...

Looks like you had a great time! That first picture of Emily is adorable!!! When did her hair get so dark? Oh, and I think I forgot to post before, love your new bathroom! :)

Dani said...

that are wonderful photos. and you have a great time.