It's the small things...

That excite the daylights out of me.

Today, I worked on a layout for a class at Mara's Memory Lane. This will be my very first class since Mara bought the store and my first class "back"...I left there over a year ago.

Anyway...while I was up there working on the class layout, Jessica and Heather came by to scrap. We were chatting and I mentioned the Marvy scalloped Circle punch that I keep seeing EVERYWHERE in the magazines. Mara let me look in a couple of wholesale catalogs for it but I didn't have much luck. I told the girls that I'd probably be able to figure out how to do this on the wishblade eventually.

I decided to look online to see what I could find tonight. Looks like either Marvy hasn't "released" these babies yet or everyone and their uncle is looking for them since they're all over the magazines, and anyone that's carrying them is sold out. . While searching online tonight to find it, I came across another scrapper/stamper's blog that showed how to do this WITHOUT buying the punch.

Then...while surfing HER blog...I came to another link that shows basically the SAME technique, but for a scalloped border. Here's that link too...scalloped border tutorial.

So, now you see why I'm so excited! So excited that I had to share.

Oh, and I'll be posting that class layout soon too. I printed pictures to put on it tonight. I just need to scan it.

Gotta run...almost time for American Idol! Goooooooooo Jordin!


heather said...

Oh and Mara just got a bunch of corner punches in yesterday as well. I have a weird corner punch which does not allow me to do just like that, so it's time to get a new one and start playing!!! That's so awesome that you found this neat trick!!

I'm happy that you are going to be teaching at MML!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing those links denise:) you are full of creative juices...i love it! you might have just saved me 12 bucks (or whatever the real scalloped circle punch costs). i owe ya!

oh by the way...i've jumped on the jordin band wagon:) you called it last night...i was wrong! gooooo jordin!!!

Margaret Lembcke said...

Wow! I have to try that! I am making a bunch of thank you cards while I am laying in bed recovering......that is PERFECT!!! Thanks for posting!!!