Happy Mother's Day!!!!

So far, this has been a fantastic morning!! Brooks called from China at 8am. That was a nice surprise, indeed!! I worry about him over there, so every time he calls, it's so nice to hear from him.

Alex, Josh and Emily woke me with a delicious breakfast. Complete with scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and GRIDDLE CAKES too!!! I love IHOP's Griddle Cakes and they've recently taken them off their menu. Alex took the time to find the recipe online and attempted to make them for me. They were YUMMY too! I was so full after that breakfast. I might not need to eat anything else all day. LOL

Kyle called me too. He said he was thinking of me and wanted to touch base to say Happy Mother's Day!! This Mom's a happy camper now...having heard from all of her babies! **insert big grin here**

For Mother's Day, Alex and the kids gave me a new Epson Perfection 4490 scanner. My old scanner wasn't working 100% anymore. I took it to Mom's house to scan a bunch of pictures of Richard for his Memorial Service and it started acting up then. This new scanner ROCKS!! It's like 10 times faster than the other and since it's an Epson, it's very easy for me to use. I'm pretty familiar with the Epson scanning software, so that helped to make it an easy transition. I've already scanned a two page spread that I did last month while I was away with the girls. I've included a pic of it for ya too!

Today will be a very relaxing day for me. I'll only do what "I" want to do and when "I" want to do it. I think I want to work on getting the scrap room straightened up a bit. I'll pop Grey's Anatomy, season 1, in the DVD player and get to work. Then maybe later tonight, I'll be able to scrap a page or two.

Oh, and btw, this is our last full week of school for my kiddos. The last day of school is Tuesday, the 22nd. I can't believe Summer Vacation is just around the corner. I'm going to have a JR. in HS and a 2nd grader. How is that possible?

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heather said...

oh have fun with your new scanner. i like that disney page!!!