Photo a day...a couple days to post

I've taken my pics each day but haven't had the chance to get here and post them. So, with Wednesday being my day off, I thought I'd do this first thing this morning. I've got a list of things that I need to do today, but this will be the first thing that I can mark from my list. Today's photo has a lot of meaning so I'll start with it and then go back to the last couple of days...they're not as exciting as today's photo, IMO. LOL

Today's photo of the day. Emily woke me this morning with a "I made you coffee this morning, Mommy". And within a few minutes, she was standing at my bedroom door with this towel and coffee cup in hand. She had pulled the stool out of the pantry, grabbed one of my favorite cups, added the splenda and milk and voila. I have to say, she did a great job too! A little heavy on the milk, but it didn't make it "undrinkable". Alex makes a fresh pot of coffee each morning and sometimes greets me with my cup waiting for me when I wake up. I have to say, this cup of coffee topped it all. What a sweetheart my little girl can be sometimes. I love days like this! I wish I'd have thought to take this shot this morning while Emily was holding this in her hands...but I was struggling to wake up today and the camera wasn't right next to me anyway. So, I've staged this one...it still has a lot of meaning. KWIM?
Feb 4th, my mess!!! I joined a card swap at Willow Traders. I haven't participated in a swap like this in some time, so I figured, why not? So, Monday night, I gathered my stuff together and moved to the family room so that I could spend some time with Alex AND work on my cards. I took my photo of my mess. Or at least, part of my mess. This was taken after I'd cleaned up a bit. I did leave it all on the table though and finished last night. Alex doesn't like the mess to be left overnight...but didn't say anything about it this time. I finished the cards last night and the mess will be picked up today. So the photo of the day for the 5th is a shot of my finished cards. I used some old patterned paper from my stash and a stamp from AUD DESIGNS I love the colors and designs of this My Mind's Eye paper. I know I've had it for well over a year...if not two years. I will probably add a bit of stickles in the center of the flower on the stamp though. I feel like the cards still need something. The theme of the card swap is "GIRLFRIENDS" so this stamp worked perfectly. Oh, and I used the template from this month's SHEETLOAD E-Zine. This has become one of my monthly favorites. Check it out! I'll get these packaged and in today's mail. One more thing off the to-do list! YAY!!!

Now I'm all caught up on the photos and the laundry is ready to be folded and a new load started. Laundry...sheesh...the story of my life! Maybe THAT should be tomorrow's photo, eh?

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