Can it be???

Emily planted a tiny little garden of her own last summer. Its just a patch of space in a corner of our backyard. She planted a bunch of seeds, watered it a few times and that's about it. Right now, it looks like a patch of weeds, and not much else.

Well, except for this...
Today, Emily noticed that a nice sized stalk with these tiny yellow buds, was growing in her garden. She insists that they are the sunflowers about to open. (because she remembers THAT'S where she planted the Sunflower seeds) Me, knowing absolutely NOTHING about flowers and gardening, can only hope that she's right. How cool would this be? She'd be so excited to have her own sunflowers. And if they ARE sunflowers about to open then maybe it'll encourage her to get out there and pull some of the weeds that she's nurturing. LOL I'll have to remember to check on these in a few days to see the progress...and maybe I'll take another picture of them too.

Oh, and I need to add too...I mentioned the Photo a Day thing to Em on Friday and she asked if her "sunflowers" could be my Photo of the Day today. She's right on with helping me get this going. She's such a cool kid!

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