Layout a Day and now a Photo a Day

Well, January 2008 has come and gone already. And I'm pleased as punch to say that I participated AND finished the "Get a L.O.A.D of This" class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The goal was to do a layout a day (L.O.A.D) and post it in the class gallery. There were prizes given out daily, but I didn't win any of them. I'm still waiting now to hear if I won either one of the big end of the month prizes. I doubt I'll win, but it sure was nice to start scrapping at home again!

Since I did so well in the layout a day thing, I'm now going to challenge myself in a "PHOTO A DAY". Each day, I'm going to take a photo of "whatever" and post it here with a little note about it. This will give just a little glimpse into my every day life. Nothing exciting...but it'll be fun to journal a bit more and to see what fun and excitement might happen each day. HA!

Today's photo is of Emily. She woke me at 4:30 this morning crying and complaining that her throat hurts really bad. I gave her drink and a throat lozenge and sat up with her for a little while to make sure she didn't swallow the lozenge in her sleep. When it was time to get up for the day, she had a low grade fever, glassy eyes and you could just tell that she wasn't feeling well. Poor baby girl. She's been either on the couch or in my bed all day. She just feels awful! She was supposed to have dance rehearsal this evening and we were camping tonight with the crew team. Looks like those aren't happening. Instead, we're here together...pumping her with gatorade and motrin...hoping she's feeling better by Monday and certainly better by next weekend's dance competitions.

I'm off now to work on cleaning up the scrapbook room. After a month of scrapping, things are in a bit of chaos in here right now. I might even scrap again later...if I get it all cleaned up and I can get Emily in bed at a decent hour.

Wish me luck!

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