Can you say DORK????

This is Koda...our dork of a dog. She does silly things...like toss her food kibbles in the air and pounce on them...recently she ran into the sliding glass door, even though we had left it OPEN for her to come in and out. She just isn't the smartest dog in the world...but she is a sweetie. And I love her.

Since we put Sunny down back in December, Koda has learned to be the focus of attention. I think she's enjoying not having to share the attention with Sunny. Even though she was always figuring out a way to get most of the attention anyhow. She's not very photogenic...not like Sunny. Sunny would almost smile for the camera. I have to fight with Koda to get her to sit down long enough for me to snap the pic...and she won't look at the camera for anything. Oh well, we'll keep her.

Alex and I are headed to our favorite little Irish Pub tonight for PUB TRIVIA. The first Saturday of each month we head over to meet some of the other Crew parents for a fun night of trivia and beverages...and sometimes some good irish food too. (tonight's one of those nights)

Maybe I'll take my camera and get a shot or two there. Of course, Alex will probably tell me to leave the camera at home. Darn it.

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Heather said...

Maggie tosses her food up in the air as well. Maybe it's a husky thing or just a silly dog thing! Those lovable dorks that they are!!

I love that picture of Koda though!!