Sunday night...

Almost bedtime actually. Time for me to start getting to bed at a regular time again. Even though I don't go into work until 10am, there are some days recently when I didn't even get outta bed till after 10. Time for that to change. I'd like to start getting up at 7 each morning. To give me time to chill, read e-mail, hit my favorite scrapping sites and enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee...before heading to the shower to get ready to leave for work.

I worked again on Friday. Got a great two page spread done for the 4th of July. Debbie and I have talked about packaging it up as a page kit for the month of July. Fine by me, really. I also did 4 cards with the leftovers from the baby boy layout too. I love to do cards with the leftover scraps. And it sure helps to bring the cost of each page down too.

This weekend was a big movie weekend here. The kids and I went to see Ratatouille on Friday night. What a great movie!! We all loved it!

Then on Saturday night, Alex and I went to see Ocean's 13. Another great movie! And of course, looking at George Clooney for those couple of hours...who am I to complain?! YUMMMM!!!!

Alex and I also took a ride over to Piktails on Saturday. He wanted to see the store that I was working at and he actually said that it looks great. Debbie thanked him for sharing me with her and said that she loved having me there...and Alex told her that that was good because I really loved being there too. Hehehehe...I guess it shows that I'm really enjoying this, huh?

Today was spent doing laundry, having a late lunch/early dinner for my neice's birthday and working on that album kit by Bo-Bunny. Dinner wasn't too bad. I had a Grilled Grouper sandwich and fries while both of my sisters and my neice all sat at the bar eating steamed oysters. YUCK!

I let Josh drive there and back...this meant driving on the interstate for one of the first times ever. His girlfriend's dad had let him drive on the Expressway one time, but he's never driven like that with ME in the car before. The child really makes me nervous. I guess that's normal though...I think. He smarts off at me every single time I tell him something about how he's driving. Drives me INSANE! I think I need to sign him up for driver's ed through the Safety Council.

I got the Bo-Bunny book all but finished and was working on the cover when I realized that I was missing a sheet of the PP. At first, I thought I had cut wrong and didn't leave enough of the paper. But then realized that there were supposed to be two sheets, not just one. Whewww! Made me feel much better. I think we carry that paper at the store actually. I'll just grab it and get it finished first thing tomorrow. We want to get it out and on display so that we can start taking sign ups for it for the class.

I've learned the basics of the register already and tomorrow I will learn how to check new merchandise in. We've got a HUGE order coming in and we'll be spending most of the day getting that stocked in, I'm sure! But, I can't wait...there's just something about opening a box of scrappy goodies! We're also putting together our calendar for July and maybe August too. That'll give us a lot of things to look forward to...and the customers too!

Until next time...goodnight!

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ErinRagan said...

I'm sorry we missed each other on IM earlier today!

WOO HOO about your new job... it sounds PERFECT, Denise!!!

I, too, can 100% relate to what your friend posted... I feel that way so much, now that I've been home for 7.5 years! ughhhhh.

I'm looking forward to my DD being in school so that I can get back to work in the "real world" myself.

But for now, I'm just pluggin' away. BLAH!

I'll have to live vicariously through you... and your bad workin' self, lol. Can't wait to hear more about the job! :)