A quick little update...

Since I've been so lax in posting.

I'm still loving my new job. The store is coming together so nicely. The customers that we've met are all so great. I love chatting with so many people throughout the day. This is definitely my DREAM JOB!

I go in a little later today. We're having a crop there tonight. It's our second crop actually, since opening. And we have 14 people signed up to crop! Can you believe that???? I'm working the crop and actually hope to get a few pages done too.

I scrapped a two pager at work this week that I absolutely LOVE! I took my camera to work with me to take a picture of it but realized when I got there that I'd left my memory card at home in the card reader. Oops. But, the card is back in the camera and I plan to take it to work with me this afternoon too. Maybe I'll take a few pictures from the crop too.

I'm off now to get a few loads of laundry done and some stuff pulled to take to the crop. Sure was nice to sleep in this morning. I've been burning the candle at both ends this week and it had caught up to me by last night. Was good to get some extra sleep.

For now...I'm off. Thanks for reading.


Heather (Preci28) said...

I loved stopping in to see the store and you! I love the look of the store, looks like a fun place to work!!

looks like you are getting a ton of pages done as well.

Anonymous said...

it was great seeing you in your element:)

i love the 10.25" scalloped paper that i got...and i already used it...so you might see me sometime soon for more:)