Here we go again...

Started this post earlier today but it didn't seem to post..anyhow. I was in a hurry to get out of here this morning to take Sunny to the vet specialist on the other side of town. She's been limping on her hind left leg and I wanted to make sure there weren't any problems with her arthritis or anything like that. They did x-rays and said that there really hasn't been much change since her x-rays last year and that she's probably just a little sore from the hip arthritis. He did put her on a daily arthritis med, Deramaxx...instead of the Rimadyl that she was on occassionally before. I didn't like to give her the Rimadyl unless she was having a really bad day because it has been known to cause liver troubles. The Deramaxx doesn't have these liver issues and is supposed to be a little better. Here's hoping we can see a difference. I hate seeing her waddle the way she's been waddling. Of course, she HAS gained a few lbs since Koda moved in...I'll have to work on getting a few lbs off of her too.

I went to the Scrap retreat this past weekend. And man, what a great time I had! The gals from Club Scrap came to Kissimmee and put on one of their "rolling retreats". It was pretty much all inclusive...meals, workshops and make n takes...everything but the hotel room. But even that wasn't too bad cuz there were 8 of us that we split 3 rooms up with. We made a drop spine box, a ribbon bound 8x8 album, a beaded pendant and then did 10 layouts using one of their monthly kits. On top of all that, they had some really cool make n takes too. IT WAS AWESOME!!

We had open crop time both friday and saturday nights. I was happy to complete two complete two-page spreads and started on an altered composition book too. We stayed up each night till midnight and getting up to be downstairs for a 7am-9:30 am breakfast was TOUGH! (but we did it!)

I mentioned there was an open bar at dinner...well, that in itself was a riot. On Friday night, the bartender had a frosted bowl on the bar to be used for tips. Half the gals had been through the line already and he didn't have a buck in it yet. So...our table rallied together and put a few ones in there to get him started and he sure appreciated that. All I had was a $10 so he let me change it after a few bucks were in there and I left him another $3. Lets just say that he took good care of us BOTH nights! Each time I went to the bar, he gave me TWO Coronas. Not sure if he really thought that I was drinking them all...even I couldn't do that! As much as I love Corona! I was drinking one and sharing the other with someone else at our table. Saturday night there were quite a few Coronas consumed at our table...we even took a picture of the bottles. Nancy tried to make a pyramid with the bottles, but we decided that probably wasn't such a great idea. So we just stacked them like bowling pins instead.

As always, time spent with the Ya-Ya's was filled with laughter...and on more than one occassion, the laughter led to tears from laughing so hard. My friend Nancy Gr...is a HOOT! She's so full of energy and just has the absolute BEST sense of humor! I love that gal!

Oh, and I got to sleep on a SLEEP NUMBER BED! I was so excited...you know, it's the little things that thrill me. Darn it...forgot to take a picture of that though! Also forgot to take a picture of the bartender. Shoot! Oh well...I'll have to be sure to journal all about those things on my pages.

I came home to a happy family and a clean house...showed off my goodies to Alex and the kids and took a 3 hour nap...only to wake up long enough to eat dinner (that Alex made) and watch a quick 30 minutes of TV...then I was off to bed for the rest of the night. I felt so much better this morning, that's for sure!

I almost forgot to add that by the end of the weekend, I'd joined the Club Stamp club. So, now, beginning in May, I'll get a kit with a fun crafty project in it and a bunch of exclusive Club Scrap goodies too. I bought a few of the kits that they had for sale this weekend and can't wait to get unpacked and make some of these things. I want to finish the pages in the 8x8 album and I want to decorate the box too...maybe for a Mother's Day gift. First though, I will certainly have to get the stuff unpacked and then all put away and organized once again before I have room to do anything crafty in this scrap room.

I plan to scan and take some pictures of the goodies that we did this weekend. Once I get those done, I'll come back here and post them. But, for now...I'm headed into the pool with the rest of the crazy people in this house. The pool temp is already at 83*. I said I wouldn't get in till it was 86* but I think I can brave it to spend some good quality time with the family.

Until later...thanks for reading!

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Stacie said...

So, I was totally jealous when I talked to you BEFORE you went, and now I'm even more jealous, if that's even possible. It sounds like an incredible weekend, my friend. When are you coming here to scrap? I'm free in July? :D