21 days!!

I've decided, after OOOHING and AHHING over Michelle's entries for the last round, that I'm going to do the The {21} Challenge, Round 3. This time, Rhonna has chosen a word and we're to do our 21 days based on that word. The word couldn't be more fitting either...HABIT! And we've all heard that it takes 21 days to break (or make) a habit.
So...I've done my day one layout. (and am planning my day 2 layout too)
I found the quote on Two Peas and it just hit home so well. We all need the motivation to get us moving...but it IS the HABIT that will keep us going.
I leave in a month to go to Atlanta for Kyle's graduation from High School. How did I get old enough to have 2 HS grads??? Not to mention, a third well on his way now. Sheesh! Anyway, at the graduation, I will be seeing my ex husband, his wife and my ex in-laws. I think I was at my lowest in self esteem when I was married to my ex and really let myself go for a long time. When I went to Brooks' graduation a couple of years ago, I tried my best to look and feel good. I might not have been slim, but even with the extra weight that I had back then, I made sure that I felt GREAT. And I really think that I did. (and I even like the pics that were taken of me then too)
Now, with Kyle's graduation just around the corner, I've put on a few more pounds and am not feeling the best that I could feel. So, I'm setting a goal to get to the gym to work out, to eat better and be sure to take my vitamins. By doing The {21} Challenge right now, I think it's going to help me get to the point where I feel good about this trip...and can face those folks with my head held high and with my confidence beaming. I don't think the timing for this could be any better really.

Thanks, Rhonna!!! (and Michelle too, for trying to motivate me the last round)


Jessica B. said...

This is gorgeous, Denise!! I was/am going to try doing the challenge, too.... but I am already late.

Good luck with your goals, sweet lady!

Lilli said...

How pretty! It looks like it should be propped up on the kitchen windowsill next to some homebaked apple pie :)

Have a great journey

Katie Jones said...

The colors are lovely. Great start to the challenge.