Chapter Closed...

Well, I gave it a shot...I taught scrapbook classes at the scrapbook store. Surprisingly enough, I LOVED to teach those classes. It was coming up with the ideas to teach that kicked my butt! I was finding it harder and harder to come up with stuff and finding that while I was putting so much thought into those ideas, the rest of my scrapping and projects were sitting untouched. I have been thinking about all of this since before my card class last week...but I finally talked to Liz about it on Friday. I just couldn't continue to beat myself up over it all. Liz was very understanding and said that she knew how hard it was...she said that I did a great job with the teaching end of things and that I was a very creative person...but that she understands that teaching isn't for everyone. I was very happy that she was so good about it all...I didn't want to burn any bridges with her or the store. I like Liz and her store is one of my favorites...and definitely the closest. I didn't want any of that to change, and it hasn't. Thank Goodness!

So that chapter in my life has been closed. I'm feeling a great sense of relief and can now put the time into the "funner" side of things again. Like my DT schtuff! I did TWO projects just last night for the Scrapforums DT. I'd had the sponsor stuff sitting here but didn't allow myself to play until I had my next class project completed. But...now that that's off my plate...I played with the Craft Diner stuff last night. I did this layout with LOTS of doodling...I just love my new Glaze pens and really really really want to get the Souffle set to go with them. (but I'm trying not to spend much till Vegas in June) I smeared my friend's face cuz I didn't know how she'd feel about me plastering her up all over the net. Oh, and the title was cut using my Wishblade. Have I mentioned how much I love that little machine????

This little notebook is the other thing that I did with the Craft Diner sponsor product. This was originally a $1 journal that I picked up at Michael's a while ago. I used the Craft Diner papers and altered it to make a fun little inspiration notebook. I think this one will go in my car for me to use when a thought hits, etc. I really enjoyed making this one! I love to alter stuff.
Brooks called me on Wednesday and asked if it was ok if he and his college roommate, Adam, came down for the weekend. This was a fun surprise and a much welcomed one! They got here Friday afternoon around 3:30 and will be leaving sometime today. We spent the day at Travel Country Outdoors yesterday (a few hours of it anyway). Brooks needs a backpack for his job this summer and wanted to be fitted properly for one. So we took care of that. It's been so nice just hanging out with them. Brooks is so busy with school and working these days that his visits are pretty few and far between. And Adam is a very nice young man...a great inspiration and role model for Brooks. It's been a great weekend!!

Well, I promised Brooks that I'd go to church with them this morning...so I'm off to get in the shower. We were supposed to go to the 8:30 service but we all overslept...oops. So we're off to the 10am service instead.

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ErinRagan said...

Lookit you with all the new blog entries... and I didn't have to nag you, not once! LOL

Love reading your "random crap," Denise... keep it comin'! :)