C R E A T I V E!!

That's what I was tonight. Even though I said I wasn't going to start anything till I had my room done, I had to make something for someone's b-day. Tomorrow is the birthday of the lady that helps in the kindergarten classes at Em's school and I volunteered to make her something. I had a journal that I picked up months ago, on clearance, at Michael's. It had been tossed in the "alterable items" cupboard and it was the first thing I thought to grab when I was thinking of what to make her. I thought about doing a card set or something, but decided that the journal would be more fun. I hope she likes it too!

This isn't the best scan but it was tough to scan it because it was so bulky.

The best part about this journal??? I actually used a bunch of the stuff that I bought at the Expo on Friday. That, in itself, is amazing. Most of the time, the stuff that I buy ends up sitting here and aging (like wine) before I use it. You know...I gotta give it time to mingle with the other stuff that's sitting here. LOL

I had to run a few errands today and while I was out, I picked up the Dyson Vacuum cleaner. Alex and I had been talking about getting one for some time now and he used the old Orek this weekend and told me today that I could go ahead and get the new vacuum whenever...that he thought the old one was a piece of "you know what". I needed to run out for a while anyway...why not get it today while I was out. AND...I had a 20% off coupon for Linens and Things too. They apparently used to list Dyson as one of the brands that the coupons couldn't be used for...but it wasn't listed on my coupon, so they took it. HAPPY DAY!!! I saved just over $100 on my new vacuum...I'm psyched!

I came home and of course, vacuumed the house...I was AMAZED at the amount of stuff that came up with that thing! Alex said that our bedroom carpet looked like it had been cleaned. I know it's sick to say that I think I'll enjoy vacuuming...but I think I will. Just to see that stuff in the barrel of that vacuum is incredible! I might just do it again tomorrow!

I took part of my savings and spent it at Target on a small computer cart that I'm going to use as an "island" type thing in the middle of my scrapbook room. I stand when I scrap and I think having the island there and being able to walk around full circle to grab stuff, will be perfect! This will also allow me to use the scrapdesk that I have now for more storage and stuff. I need to put the cart together...hopefully tomorrow.

I have my annual dr's appt tomorrow...oh boy. Love this time of year...NOT! Hoping to get a few things done before I have to leave...and of course, when I get back too. Will need to do a few cleaning things with the girls over at Scrapforums. If I don't post the cleaning thread and challenges, those girls will hunt me down, I'm sure. Tomorrow's early day for the kids though...I don't like that part of Wednesdays! It always throws me off and I never seem to get much done on Wednesdays. I guess I'll just need to try my best.

YIKES...it's already 12:25am. I'm up wayyyyyyyyyy past my bedtime! Nighty night!

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Emily said...

We need a before pic for that journal too!