Spring Break...

The kiddos are on Spring Break this week...this means that Josh has less than 9 short weeks till he graduates. Can this really be possible? Time is FLYING! But I'm sure you get tired of hearing that one, eh?

Em spent the day with a friend today and is on her way home now. Josh is with Teri, of course. I've stayed home,trying to get things done around the house. I've done a bit here and there but definitely haven't accomplished what I could have accomplished. Once again...this computer...sucks me in and moves the hands of the clock ahead at least a few hours, without me seeing it happen.

Right this second though, I have dinner in the oven waiting for everyone to get home to eat. I just joined E-Mealz at Mealtime Makeover. This is a site that was mentioned on the Dave Ramsey podcasts that I listen to. Here, you can choose from a selection of various menus. Menus that range from a family of 4-6, to cooking for 2...and even meals put together for those that are following certain meal plan type diets. (think Weight Watchers)

Anyway, I joined the family menu option and it just so happens that they have the option for my local store too. So, my menu comes to me on Wednesday...based on my local grocery store sales paper for the week. I LOVE THIS!!!

Last night, we had Cajun Chicken Pasta with baked bread and fresh strawberries. Tonight, we're having Chicken Divan, rice and cantaloupe. The other meals on the menu for this week are just as appealing to my family. I am loving having a plan that I don't have to put together.

Alex had been a little skeptical because he didn't want to spend the money. I asked if I could give it a shot...just to see if it helped ME with cooking at home AND helped us to save a bit of $$, in the process. He agreed...and here we are.

I strongly suggest that you check it out.

I'm off now to finish picking up the scraproom in hopes of getting a bit of stuff done in here tonight or tomorrow. I have a total of 13 orders that need to be completed. I'd love to get these done and delivered by the end of Spring Break.

Oh...and did I mention??? I'm working on a garage sale for Friday too. I know...I'm a glutton for punishment. But hey...Dave Ramsey would be proud!

Till next time!!


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