I think I can...I think I can...

November...December...January...February...MARCH. SERIOUSLY??? Has it really been close to 5 months since I've blogged? Funny how life throws a few curveballs and things start going in an entirely different direction than you thought you were headed.

Back in November, things started getting a little interesting here with the teenager. Everyday seemed to bring a new challenge. I have to say...Josh is a GREAT kid. He gets decent grades, is in the Nat'l Honor Society, is an Eagle Scout...an overall really good kid. A Sr. in High School...counting the days till he turns 18. Wanting more and more freedom as the days progressed. These things took a lot of time, energy and even more patience. I won't say that life with this teen is all peaches and cream but we seem to be in a MUCH BETTER place at the moment.

The time and energy that I was putting into these family issues made me rethink my position with SumpinElse...the partnership that I had formed with Maggi and Carmen. I had to reprioritize things and decided to leave the SumpinElse trio...to get through the holidays and then try to do what I can, when I can...on my own.

I opened my own shop on Etsy and am adding new things here and there. I've been blessed with new orders locally. I'm certainly not complaining, this just hasn't given me the chance to create new stuff for my Etsy shop. That is certainly a goal that I have. I also have a few frames that I did while with SumpinElse that I would like to relist in my own shop.

Lately, I've been doing very well with my daily to-do lists. Concentrating on one item at a time, on the list, for 20 minutes at a time. My friend Michele and I call these our "20 minute challenges". They certainly help to keep me a bit more focused. Updating the blog was one of the items for today. Another item that I can now cross off the list!!

My 20 minutes are about up and the laundry is ready to be folded and rebooted. We're headed to Tallahassee this evening for a Campus Tour of FSU with Josh. He's soon to be a SEMINOLE and this will be his first time on campus. I'd better make sure I charge the camera batteries. (although he's already said that he refuses to 'pose' for pictures...WHATEVER!)

Before I close...I'll share my latest creation. One of the wonderful paraprofessionals at Em's school is retiring today. She is a customer of mine who is always commenting on my work and how much she loves it. I wanted to give her something that I knew she would appreciate. So I made her this lovely set of notecards. I was inspired by Trendycards...someone that I follow through Twitter...if you get a chance, check out the gorgeous items that she carries in her shop.

Till next time!!!


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