Still around...

I've been dealing with a few medical issues the past week or so...I'm hoping nothing major, but they're doing tests to figure out why I'm extremely anemic and my hemoglobin levels are so low. I go in on Monday, the 4th for a Colonoscopy and an Upper GI to see what they can find. Waiting for an appointment with a hemotologist now to see if they want to boost my levels with a transfusion and then maintain from there. I'm not 100% thrilled with the idea of a transfusion but I've been feeling so sluggish lately, no energy, sleeping way too much and I have a lingering headache that won't go away. My mom and I are the same blood type and she's willing to give me her blood so that we don't have the higher risks of going through a blood bank. So....I just don't know at this point.

On a good note though...December 1st starts a couple of fun things for me. (and you, if you'd like to join in) Nancy's starting a "Photo a Day" challenge at Scrapforums. The goal is to take a picture each day and journal about that photo just a bit too. Some folks will be putting these pictures into an album of some sort. I just plan to do them here, on my blog. Wish me luck!

Another thing that I've decided to do is a Christmas Journal. My buddy Nicole told me about a class that she's taking for this and I couldn't resist signing up too. I love Christmas but always stress over everything being just right. I want to use my Christmas Journal to keep me grounded and to help me appreciate all that goes on around me during this joyful time of year. You can join this class too...it's not too late. You can read all about this class here...Journal your Christmas.

Oh, oh, oh...almost forgot too...I decided to give a scrapbook contest a shot. Another first for me actually...I've never done anything like this before. But, Memory Creators is having their annual Super Bowl of Scrapbooking contest. Everyone interested in "trying out" submitted their layouts and then they chose 40 entrants to move on to the "draft". I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the 40 to move on. Now, these 40 people have two layouts to do and submit to be voted on to move on to the next round. These entries have to be in by the 7th. I've got one layout finished and I'm very happy with it. (can't share it till after the 7th, but watch here soon) Wish me luck in moving on to the next round. This will be fun!

OK...I'm off. Need to get a few things done while I have the energy to do them. I hate being this lazy. It's soooooo not me!!


Julie Ann said...

Hi - I'm also in shimelle's christmas class. Looking forward to seeing your pages!

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm going to be sending good vibes your way. Please keep me updated.

Stacie said...

Kraut, that anonymous was me, I hit the wrong button, sorry.

Laurie said...

well i hope they get you all sorted out girl on the engergy thing...let me know how ya make out..i have low engergy too..not extreme but enough.

that contest sounds like fun fun!!
and i can't wait to start our december challenge!! woohoo!! one more sleep!