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Wow...time has gotten away again. Where have I been? Let's see...the last time I posted was a quickie on the 28th. Here's a bit of an update. Warning, this may get long. So grab a beverage and read on...if you're up to it. (not that too many folks read my random crap anyway, LOL)

10/29-Head of the Gator, Gainesville. Our first Regatta of the season. Josh's first regatta in the Varsity boats. Josh's first "Head Race". A head race is when they stagger the start times of the boats and they basically race against the clock. Josh has worked so hard this season to earn a spot in the Varsity 4 and the Varsity 8 boats. He's in the 4 with two seniors and a jr. He's only a sophomore...but has really become quite the rower. The Varsity 4 takes FIRST place and the Varsity 8 took 3rd. Definitely a fun and exciting day on the water! Even if we had to leave at 4:15am to get to Gainesville. It was well worth it! (I tried to insert a picture here, but blogger isn't cooperating)

10/31-Halloween. Emily had counted the days till Halloween. She'd decided to be a Witch this year and had her costume weeks before. She was dressed and ready to go almost immediately after we got home. Complete with the green face, black lips and we can't forget the whacked out hair too. (lots of gooey silver and green gel, thanks to our hairdresser, Song) And man, she sure played the part too...she's such a ham. We all joined our next door neighbors for the annual party in the driveway. Complete with homemade chili (and all the fixings), a few beers and of course, the great company too. Josh got home from Crew practice and took Emily trick or treating. Even though she'd already been to a few houses with our neighbor's great grandson. The trick or treating was non-eventful for us, thank goodness. But you always hear such horrible stories the day after. And we had the Sheriff's helicopter flying over our street right at about bedtime. That always freaks me out! I couldn't sleep till the helicopter was gone. I somehow convince myself at that point that all is safe once again.

11/1...Same ole schedule...same ole routine. Nothing exciting, or so we thought, right? I'm at Em's dance class waiting for her to finish and Josh to get there. He'd gotten a ride from practice with Teri and her mom. The three of them come into the dance studio and ask me to come outside...they have something to tell me and I'm not going to be happy about it. I go outside, having absolutely no idea what they're about to say to me. They quietly break the news that "BOB" (name changed to protect) is coming back to row and he's going to take Josh's spot in the 4 boat at the HUGS upcoming race in Tennessee. (this past weekend) You see, "BOB" was kicked off the team about a month ago. Maybe I should say that he was "suspended" and not "kicked off". All of this because "BOB" has a problem with his mouth and is terribly disrespectful...he's a Sr. and has been on the team for a couple of years now and apparently has been an issue for all the years that he's been on the team. Someone finally had enough and action was taken...and the big question was "when will he be back??". No straight answers were given until 2 days before the team is due to head off to TN for the Head of the Hooch...the 2nd largest Regatta in the US. Considering the fact that "BOB" hasn't trained with the team for a month, I had a hard time understanding why he'd be "rewarded" with this big race at the last minute. When the other boys had worked so hard and had been so focused on this big race. Long story short, Alex and I spent that night on the phone with the coaches and the president of the board, trying to determine why this was the right thing to do. Finally, at 11pm, it was announced that "Bob" would be invited to go to TN with the team to "cheer them on" but would not be allowed to row. He would rejoin the team on Monday and begin training for the next Regatta on the 18th of November. We're all fine with this...as long as he understands what is expected of him and we don't have the issues with his rudeness, moving forward. Yesterday "Bob" took a short cut on his run and he wasn't at practice today at all. Wonder if he learned anything yet??? I highly doubt it.

11/3-11/5...HEAD OF THE HOOCH...Chattanooga TN. Josh joined the team on the bus for the 10 hour drive to TN. I opted to fly into Atlanta and picked up Kyle to spend time with him too. This was his first regatta and he thought Crew was really cool. He had a really great time and I enjoyed being able to spend time with him too. It was really really cold up there...something like 29* on Saturday morning. Brrrrrrrrrrr...can't imagine being in that boat in basically just a unisuit. It was a looooooooooooooong day, but alot of fun! The 4 boat took 8th out of 39 teams and the 8 took 19th out of 36 teams. Not too shabby, IMO. Now the fun begins at practice to see who's in the 4 at our next race. I'm hoping that Josh can keep his focus and at least give "Bob" a run for his money. I would hate to see him just give up the spot in the boat to "BOB" without doing the proper seat races, etc. that will determine who's the best rower for that seat. Wish him luck!!!

Kyle and I stayed in Chattanooga Saturday night and then headed back to Atlanta on Sunday. We met up with his sweet girlfriend, Brooke, and went to IKEA. OH MY HECK!!! What a place! We have one coming to Orlando but I don't know when. I'd better start saving NOW!

I flew back home on Sunday evening and got home to a sick Emily. Fever, coughs, sneezing...the whole nine. She missed two days of school and just went back today. She's still coughing and has to keep the tissues close by, but her fever broke Monday night. She's on the mend. I kept her home from dance today because I didn't want her to get worked up and go into a coughing fit or anything. Another little bit of rest will do her good.

Now, we're back to another Thursday. Tomorrow morning, I'll be doing my weekly volunteer time at Em's school. Thursday is usually my busy day with all of that. Friday, I'll be cleaning and getting ready for the weekend. I'm going to the Memories Expo with my good friend, Nancy. I'm hoping to keep to the scrap budget but I've never been good about that in the past. Especially at the Expo. But lately, I've been so overwhelmed with everything piled up in the scraproom. I really want to remodel and reorganize everything in here. There really isn't anything that I "need" and I'm not really sure of anything that I actually "want" right now. I'll look around and see if there's anything that I just can't live without. Just hanging out with Nancy will be fun. She's always a hoot...I laugh till I cry when I'm with her. Gotta love a great friend like that!!

Oh...I did a few digital scrapbook pages last night and today. Got a few of my digital assignments out of the way! I tried to put one of them in this post but blogger still isn't cooperating. I did a total of 4 digi layouts and a digi card too. I've uploaded everything to my gallery at both Scrapforums and The Shaker Box. Pop over and check them out if you get a minute. I'm hoping to get the mess picked up enough in the scraproom to get a paper layout or two done by the end of this weekend. The picking up the scraproom seems to be the story of my life. Ugghhh!!!

OK...it's after 11pm now. A bit past my bedtime. I'll quit rambling now. If you read all of this...thanks! Now leave me some love in a comment.

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angelbev said...

yeah to you for going to bat for your son!! Why can't coaches understand how their *casual* decisions affect all the kids!!! I'm glaqd your son got to crew!