I got outta bed for this???

Today was supposed to be our last Regatta till the Spring Season kicks into gear in February. We had to be at the school a 4:30am...meaning we had to get outta bed at 3:30. That's CRAZY!! Not to mention the fact that the tempuratures here are about 11* less than "normal". So it was COLD! (for us anyway)

We got to the Sanford Riverfront...it was still VERY dark and VERY cold. The grass was wet with dew and even though I had two pairs of socks on, my little feet donned in my sporty Keds tennies, were freezing in no time. We couldn't just sit down and wrap up in our blankies either. Soon the sun was coming up and it was time for the parents to help put together our big canopy to give us all someplace to sit. That done, we finally get to wrap up in blankets and start thawing out.

I think I forgot to mention that it was really windy too. This made the water on the river VERY choppy! Our Varsity girls had to be on the water before 7am and the Novice girls (this being their very first race) shortly after. That's when the excitement began.

The first group of boats come in and the water was so choppy that as the girls rowed, the water sloshed up and into the boat. By the time they were at the finish line, some of the boats had taken on so much water that they were actually sinking. One of the boats (not ours) was underwater that the girls were under water to their chests. And that water was cold! Our girls took on enough water to be a little in the water...but not "sink". Didn't really matter though because when they lifted the boats out of the water and overhead to carry back to the boat trailer, the water they had taken in just poured right out over their heads.

Not a fun morning on the water...that's for sure!

Then a 4 girl boat came in with just two rowers in it. They were taking in so much water that two of the girls were pulled from the boat to "lighten the load" a bit. Then they called for a few of the guys to head down to the starting area because two boats had capsized and were on their sides. (rowers in the water, treading water till they were pulled out) They originally thought they'd have the boys go in the water to help get the boat back upright but someone thought that wasn't such a good idea. DUH!!!! Sheesh! (and yes, Josh was one that was ready to go in the water, no questions asked...goofball!) They ended up towing one of the boats, on its side, to the finishing dock. What a freakin' mess!!!

It wasn't too long after that they announced that the rest of the races were delayed...postponed till further notice. Our hospitality group kicked things into gear and cooked lunch for the team and the parents. We had hamburgers and hotdogs at 10:30 this morning. By noon, they called for a coach's meeting. Our head coach came back and said that they were officially going to go ahead and restart the regatta but that we were just going to pack up and head home. He didn't want to deal with what our girls dealt with that morning.

Soooooooo...we packed up and were home by 1:30 this afternoon. Alex and I both napped for a good 2 or 3 hours because that 3:30 wake up call kicked our butts! (I'm too old for that, LOL) It's been a quiet evening at home and everyone's in bed now. I'm headed that way now. Even after my nap, I'm ready to sleep tonight!

I've got a few things to do around the house tomorrow and then on Monday, I've gotta go back to the dr for more bloodwork. I had my physical on Friday and the nurse called back that afternoon to tell me that they've discovered that I'm anemic. They want to do a full Iron Workup on Monday to find out why...blah blah blah. Maybe this explains my laziness and need for the more than my average naptimes?? I guess we'll see.

Goodnight all...till next time!


Stacie said...

Holy kraut! What a miserable day! :(

alli_scraps said...

You made me cold just reading about the horrible day!!!!!! Stay inside and WARM today