see what I did today???

I've been working on a card set for a neighbor
today. She ordered 4 of them for teacher's gifts and this is the second set that I've done for
her. I made a cute little gift bag to go with these, but I need to add a few finishing touches to it
before I'll call it "finished". They really are straight...just scanned kind of whompy...I was in a hurry.

Now...to go get the kiddos from school. So much for today. LOL

5/17 Edited to add a picture of the gift bag that
these cards will go into.

Still need to do two more sets. I should get busy!


Jessica B. said...

These are awesome, Denise!

Stacie said...

I really like those cards, but that bag is TO DIE FOR!
Awesome work, you talented girl!! :)

Emily said...

What an adorable gift!