Here's what I've been working on today/tonight. Another set of cards to give as a teacher's end of the year gift. Another set made at the request of a friend/neighbor. I've done a total of 4 of them now. I think this one and the other one that I shared are my favorites. I love the colors of this one.

It's almost midnight now and I still need to add the finishing touches to the gift bag to go with these cards and then I'll be off to bed. I still need to finish Emily's teacher's gift...but I think I can get it done in a couple of hours tomorrow morning. I've got the pictures printed and the canvas painted...I'll just need to finish the mini accordian album with the pics and then add a few details to the canvas. I sure hope it turns out the way it's pictured in this cramped mind of mine. If so, it'll be really cute. I sure hope the teacher likes it!

We've got our end of the year party in Em's class tomorrow. The last day of school is Tuesday! I can't believe it! And I'm certainly not ready for summer vacation!

I have Kyle's graduation on Thursday and then he'll be here for about a week. Not sure what we'll do that week, but I'm sure we'll have fun! I always have fun when my boys are here. And Kyle is such a crack up...there's never a dull moment. Can't wait!

We had Em's dress rehearsal yesterday. Even though I didn't get the curls right in her ponytail, she still looked all too adorable! I can't wait to see the pictures taken by the photographer. And our class picture will be so cute! Each of the girls dressed as a different type of doll. We have a cowgirl doll, a raggedy ann, a nutcracker...and a few others. Our instructor's hubby is playing a doll maker and when he falls asleep, the dolls come to life. Very sweet...but Em's ready for the recital and to move on to Jazz next year. Oh, and let me just say...I love the colors of her costume, if I do say so myself!

Josh had his girlfriend over on Saturday. He really likes this girl...and has liked her for most of the school year. But...she's on the crew team too. And they were trying to hold off till the end of the year to "go out" because they didn't want it "in the boat". She really held him at a distance till just recently too. Last week, he went over there for a couple of hours one evening and then she spent the day here on Saturday. (and they've been on the phone together quite often too)I was so proud of him...he asked her what her favorite breakfast foods were and got her Cheerios, Bagels and Smoothie stuff too. When she got here, he made her all three and they sat on the couch watching movies all day. He was happy to have her here. She's a sweet girl and I like her parents too. I guess this is all a good thing. But I'll say now...Josh better start making some of his own money if he's gonna have a girlfriend. I will not be forking out money left and right. LOL

OK...it's even closer to midnight now...I'm outta here and off to bed shortly. 6am will be here all too quickly.

Thanks for reading!

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Stacie said...

Denise, awesome cards! MUST SCRAPLIFT!!!!! :)
I like the designs...maybe I'll use them for (dare I say it?!) baby announcements....oh, how the pregnant ones get so daring when they start to nest, LOL
I can't believe how grown up Em looks! She's just gorgeous-I love her costume, too!
Yeah, Josh! He's such a nice kid, he deserves a good girl. ;)