Just around the corner...

is summer vacation! YIKES!!! Just one more week of school. No more will I have a kindergartener or a HS Freshman. This school year has flown! But, I gotta say...it's been a pretty good year for Josh (for the most part) and a great year for Emily. Her Kindergarten teacher has been awesome! We're really going to miss having her!

This is the last week of being home by myself each day. Time to get chore charts together and work on getting some sort of routine for me and the kiddos. But even that won't happen till after Kyle leaves. He graduates next Thursday and will be spending the following week here with us. It'll be great to see him too! I can't believe Brooks AND Kyle will both be in college next year. HOLY MOLY, I'm getting old!

Today, I'll be doing laundry (same as every other day) and working on getting a few things put up from the weekend. I also need to work on some card sets that I promised someone that I'd make for them for teacher gifts. I'd like to get those outta the way today and get them off my plate. I've got a project started to give to Em's teacher too...want to get that outta the way too. Maybe I'll be a little creative today...and forget about the cleaning and stuff. HA!

I'm also in the middle of sorting and tagging ALL of my digital pictures that I have on disc right now. WHEWWWWW!!!!! What a task! I've been digital for well over 5 yrs now. I haven't even put a dent in the number of discs that I have and I've already tagged close to 3000 pictures. It'll be nice to have them organized though and know where to find what pics. I'll work on that a bit today too.

If I'm going to get anything at all accomplished today though, I'd better get moving!

Thanks for reading!!

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