Hello hello...

Checking in from work actually. Its Saturday and usually our busiest day but so far, I'm the only one here this morning. It's very quiet...I think I need to at least turn on the radio. So far, I've updated our e-mail list, sent the latest e-mail to the new addies and now I'm updating here. Fun, eh? I could scrap today...I've got my stuff here and a few pictures too. So many fun things to scrap with her too. Maybe in a bit.

Things are going well for us. School starts back up in just 9 more days. Summer vacation is coming to an end. I think Josh and Emily are both ready to kick back into their school day routines. The fun of getting up every morning and seeing friends, crew practice, dance classes...always something to do. We're in the part of the summer where everyone tends to get bored and school starting up will be welcomed. Emily's "meet the teacher" is on Monday and she can't wait. Josh will be picking up his schedule sometime this week too. Let the fun begin!

Last weekend was my friend Wendy's 40th birthday. We spent the night at the Embassy Suites downtown for the party. Her son put together 40 different hints and we all had to set out for a digital scavenger hunt to find the places based on the clues. OMG...what fun that was! My friend Candy and I hopped in a Pedi-cab and had the driver take us all over the city looking for our answers. Add a little alcohol on all parts (except for the driver) and the night was a HOOT! Both teams claimed to have won but I'm really not sure which team had the most right answers. We were having so much fun that we didn't even bother to check them out! I'll have to post a few pictures soon. Would do it here but don't have my camera with me.

The day after the party, Wendy took her closest friends, in a limo, to a local spa. Oh my goodness!!! I must admit that I've never spent time at a spa before. Nothing against them, I just have a tough time making time like that for myself. Which really isn't a good thing, but its something that I just don't do. (like waiting till I can't stand it anymore and THEN getting my haircut, usually out of desperation) Anyway, at the spa, I had a mini pedicure, an hour long facial and an hour long swedish massage. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven! That's something that every woman should do for herself at least every few months! I'm hooked now! (and am seriously thinking of making an appt. for my mom and I to go sometime soon :))

Well, I'm off for a bit once again. I think I'm going to get my stuff out and work on a scrapbook layout or two. I have some pictures and paper pulled already. Maybe I'll see what I can do with them.


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