Photo a day...

Besides the Journal your Christmas class, I'm also doing the Photo a Day in December challenge at Scrapforums. The goal is to take a picture each day and journal a little bit about that photo. I won't have any sort of a theme to my pictures...it'll just be whatever strikes my fancy. Today, getting into the spirit of the holidays, I decided to snap a picture of one of the wreaths that I made.

Last weekend, we put up the Christmas trees on the inside and Alex and Josh decorated the outside of the house with many many many lights. It might just be a record this year actually.

I wanted to put wreaths on each of the front windows and set out to find 6 of the same wreaths that I'd hang outside. I couldn't really find anything that I liked so I decided to buy a few of the pics that Joann's had on sale and some of their plain holiday wreaths too. On Saturday, I sat at the kitchen counter, with my hot glue gun and put together six of these. I'd never done anything like this before so I was pleasantly surprised at how they turned out. Alex even thought they turned out great and was perfectly fine with me hanging them on the windows for all to see.

The hours are winding down on our first day of December. Bring on December 2nd...a new holiday journal prompt and another photo for the day.

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