And today...is the 6th??

Already??? Damn...nothing like falling behind before the end of the first week!!!

Let's see...

I've done the pages in my Christmas Journal up to the 2nd and haven't even had time to read the prompts for the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th.

Sunday, the 3rd, I was blessed with having to clean my system in prep for my colonoscopy and gastroscopy scheduled for Monday morning. Needless to say, my mind was nowhere near scrapping, journaling or anything along those lines.

Monday, the 4th, I had my tests and the colonoscopy showed as "normal" and they sent a few samples from my gastroscopy off for biopsies and ordered MORE bloodwork. Looks like they're trying to rule out Celiac Disease right now. (they've not said that out loud, but that's what the tests are for that they've ordered...what would we do without the internet???) I slept the rest of Monday...again, no thinking about scrapping that day either.

Yesterday was the PTA luncheon that took up the morning and part of the afternoon. I really didn't want to miss that and glad that I didn't. But, while going to the Hallmark store to find a cute ornament for the ornament exchange at the luncheon...I hit a curb while parking and somewhere after that, I lost a hubcap on one of my rear tires. Oh boy, oh boy!!! The dealer has one in stock and it'll cost me $80 to replace it. Merry Christmas to me! And of course, Alex is thrilled by this...and doesn't want to be seen near my car without the hubcap. Whatever!

Today, I spent more than an hour and a half at the lab to get the rest of my blood work done. They took FOUR vials of blood this morning. Don't these people understand that I don't have much to spare right now??? I left there feeling just a little on the dizzy side and since I was fasting, I stopped right at Panera and grabbed an OJ and a bagel. I stopped in at the Dollar Tree to pick up some stuff for Em's Christmas party next week. And then had to go to her classroom to help with crafts and have lunch with her. (she ate, I didn't...since I'd just had that bagel)

I ran to Walmart to pick up the order of pics that I uploaded for my Christmas cards...I uploaded them last night and the order was to be done by 11am this morning. I'm greeted with a sign that says "ONE HOUR PROCESS MACHINE IS DOWN"...no problem? Right??? Mine were done BEFORE the machine went down...or so they should have been. WRONG!!! Nothing...no pictures done and no phone call telling me that they weren't done. I wasn't too happy about this at all and told them not to bother...I'd upload them to Costco or Walgreens instead. The mgr. apologized and said they'd be the first ones printed when the machine came up and the order would be free. They just called and said they're ready to be picked up.

Finally got a call back from the dr's office today too...I have an appt on Friday morning at 10:15 for a consult with the hemotologist. We'll discuss the options of a blood transfusion to get my levels back up to normal and then try to maintain them from there. In hopes of giving me back a bit of energy and helping me make it through this time of year. I don't know if a transfusion is the way that I want to go...but, I can't continue to feel the way that I do either. Not right now.

Gotta pick Emily up from her friend's house here in a little while and take her to dance. Tonight is fundraiser night at Cici's pizza for her school. I might just take her there after dance and call it a night. I'm so tired...and the pile of laundry is beginning to look like another Christmas tree.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my volunteer time at school and I missed last week...I just don't want to miss tomorrow. Its my last day in that class before the party day next week. I really would love to see them tomorrow. We'll see how I feel, I guess.

Friday night is the crop with my favorite BI*CHES...my Ya'Ya's!!! Gosh how I need a little Ya Ya time right now! Hopefully I'll feel up to going by then...I'm tired already!

Sunday is Emily's 7th birthday. I still need to order a cake, get her roller blades as her b-day gift and make the goody bags too.

God, please give me the strength to make it through all of this!!! PLEASE!

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Stacie said...

I'm thinking about you and sending you healthy vibes. You will make it through. You are such a strong woman. (((hugs)))