What a fantastic weekend!!!!!

Thursday, the 19th, was our 10th Anniversary and Alex and I were lucky enough to spend some quiet time together at our Ponce Inlet condo on Friday. We were blessed with friends that were willing to keep the kids over night on Friday and then come out to the condo to join us on Saturday.

Emily's report card conference was scheduled for first thing on Friday. Our plans were to leave immediately after that but since the St. Louis Cardinals won the game the night before and locked their spot in the World Series, our departure was delayed due to getting travel plans made and tickets purchased for Game Three of the World Series in St. Louis. That's right...we're going to a World Series game TOMORROW!!! And we can't wait!

We finally got out of the house around11:30 Friday morning and headed over to Ponce Inlet. The weather was a bit on the "unseasonably warm" but it was sunny and a perfect beach type weather! Biketoberfest kicked off on Thursday so we saw quite a few motorcycles heading over there with us. After dropping everything off at the condo, we headed out to get a bite to eat at this fun little place just down the street from the condo called "CRABBY JOE'S". We had the YUMMIEST Grouper Sandwiches there. Mine was grilled and Alex had his fried. The fish was fresh and there was so much of it for just $7.50. The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that they only had Corona in a can...I can understand it being on a pier, right over the water. But I like my Corona in a bottle!!

We decided to just take a drive and check out the area a bit after lunch. I think we spent a good four hours just driving around, looking at motorcycles and just taking everything in. I thought seriously about getting a tattoo but stopped at a tattoo parlor and was freaked out by the woman and the guy that were running the place. I swear the guy was stoned out of his mind. I could barely understand a word that he said cuz he was mumbling. He'd start off a sentence and his voice would trail off into a mumble by the end of the sentence. And the place didn't seem too clean to me at all. I'd never been to a tattoo place before and this one could have very well scared me completely out of the idea.

I called my sister that lives about 30 minutes from there. She's a PRO when it comes to the tattoo crap...a pro compared to me anyway. She's got a few tattoos so she knew what to ask and what to look for. She talked Alex and I into joining her that night at a biker bar not too far from her house that had a tattoo vendor there doing tattoos. The folks at this booth were awesome! They're state certified, and answered every question that my sister had for them and they were busy!!!! The were booked till 11:30 that night...it was only 8 at that time. Had they been able to get me in sooner, I'd have probably gotten my first tattoo that night. Oh well...maybe I'll go to my neice's guy here locally. Just not sure when.

Alex and I got back to the condo around midnight Friday night and I was wiped out! I think I was asleep within 10 minutes after walking through the front door. Alex wanted to take a romantic walk on the beach but I just couldn't do it. This girl needs her sleep!! LOL

Saturday morning, Alex woke me early enough to sit on the balcony and watch the sunrise while we had coffee together. It was so pleasant and so relaxing...the sunrise was beautiful. We saw dolphins playing just off the coast too. Then I went back to sleep! LOL!!! I slept till around 10:30 and then got up to shower and get ready for our friends to get there with the kids. Once they all got there, we headed off to lunch at Inlet Harbor Restaurant. Another great meal with fresh fish, great entertainment by a live band and we ate outside, right by the Marina. The music was great but was a little loud and made it tough for us to chat over lunch. That was really the only complaint though.

Then it was back to the condo and down the beach for close to FIVE hours. The weather was PERFECT, the beach was so quiet...so secluded. Ponce Inlet is a private beach, just south of Daytona, north of New Smyrna. At Daytona and New Smyrna, you're allowed to drive on the beaches. Not on Ponce Inlet beaches though. The water was almost crystal clear, the surf was perfect and when the sun got to the other side of the building, we had our very own shade too. The kids enjoyed the water, digging in the sand, finding sand dollars, shells and even starfish on the beach. I flew a kite for a while and almost lost it when the spool slipped out of my hand and the kite fell into a dune area. EEKS.

Our friends ended up staying there with us and spent the night at the condo too. The kids stayed there while the adults went to dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp co. in Daytona. Alex and I love the Forrest Gump movie and were excited to eat there. Probably not the best idea during Biketoberfest, but it was still fun. Took us an hour to get back to the condo due to Biketoberfest traffic. Didn't bother me though...I was fascinated with all the bikes and the bustling atmosphere. I would have loved to have just gone down to the Daytona area and walked around for a while. Instead, we went back to the condo to watch the last few innings of game one of the World Series. Cardinals won that game 7-2 IN DETROIT!!!!!

By the time Sunday morning rolled around, we were all a bit on the tired side. Alex woke me up again for coffee while watching the sunrise. I didn't feel nearly as tired as I did the morning before but that didn't last for long. By the time we went to Walmart to get a few things needed for the condo and then to lunch, the kids were getting crabby and I was feeling beat. We headed back to the condo where Josh and I crashed for naps and Emily talked Alex into taking her back out to the beach. We headed back home around 4ish...unpacked the car, ordered Chinese food for dinner and watched "Over the Hedge". With all that fresh air, we were all in bed and sleeping soundly before 10 last night. Alex and I tried to watch the game last night on TV but couldn't keep our eyes open. The cardinals lost that game 3-1 but now they're headed to St. Louis for games 3, 4 and 5.

Alex and I will be meeting his best friend Jim, and Jim's wife, Keela, in St. Louis tomorrow. the four of us will be AT the new Busch Stadium watching Game Three of the World Series, tomorrow night. It'll be a quick trip, but a fun trip, I'm sure!! Hanging out with Jim and Keela at a World Series game...can't get much better than that!

Today, I'm trying to get laundry done, clothes packed, etc etc. So much to do in just a short time. And here I sit...blogging!!! Nah, actually, I've done quite a bit of stuff today already. I'm about to hop in the shower to get ready to get Miss Emily from school, get her packed and taken to a friend that's keeping the kids for us this time. We'd better get a good night's sleep tonight...it'll be PARTY TIME, big time tomorrow!!!!


Oh, and for those that know that I'm a Baltimore Orioles fan...you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll make Alex go to an O's game at Camden Yards too...if they'll get themselves to the World Series in our lifetime!!!


Shellieh said...

oh you silly girl, to bad the rockies cant play worth shit, or you could have come here for the game. :)
Your pictures were great--It looks like a fun beach! Our trip to california didn't hold any sea treasures except maybe kelp! I think it's cause there are so many freaken people, they take them.

Have a great time at the game, I will look for you on TV. :D

Katie Jones said...

Sounds like a fun trip! As a Reds fan I can't really cheer on the Tigers or the Cards.

ErinRagan said...

Sounds like such a great weekend, Denise! I'm so glad you guys had a good time!

I loved the pics, especially the one of Josh and Em. Cutie pies!!!

angelbev said...

what a coincidence! I just went to Ponce Inlet for a crpping weekend with a group of friends from a differrent message board. It is a beautiful place to be! The sunrise is gorgeous, the beach is wonderful! The condo we stayed in is right on the beach and so we could sit and just watch the waves thru the windows(cause it was pretty hot and muggy the past week)I even climbed to the top of the lighthouse! I just got home last night! What a wonderful place to visit. I am jealous of you having a condo there.

Tammy said...

Can you believe that the only major league game I have been to was the Orioles at Camden Yards, back when it first opened? We share 3 seats for the Phillies with the rest of Randy's family, but I never go to the games. I think I need to actually use one of those tickets next year.