GO CARDINALS!!!! Game 3 of the 2006 World Series!!!

We're back! Home from St. Louis...and man, what a great time! A bit on the quick side, but sooooooooo much fun!

Alex and I headed out on Tuesday morning at around 6am. We ran into the most obnoxious scanner guy at the airport...telling us all that we did wrong, etc. We had a gallon size bag with our toiletries in them and we were to have had ONLY a quart size bag, etc. etc. I thought he was just taking his job seriously...Alex thought he was being a jerk. It didn't matter to me...we fixed it and set out on our way. We were going to the World Series!!

We flew from Orlando to Charlotte and then on to St. Louis. We picked up our car and headed right for the hotel. We'd hoped to have had time to visit Alex's mom grave but didn't get that time, unfortunately. Had we really thought this trip through, we would have (should have) left on Monday night and had Tuesday morning to do the running around that we'd wanted to do.

We met up with Alex's great friend, Jim, and his wife, Keela. They drove in from Nashville to go the game with us. They're great folks and we always have a great time with them. We met up in the hotel lobby and enjoyed a couple of cold ones together before heading to the train to take us downtown to the ball park. Jim was hilarious on the train...he likes to be in control and would have been far more comfortable driving all the way to the stadium himself. This gave us all something to laugh about on the ride downtown. Gotta love publice transportation, after all. Sometimes the ride on public transportation can be an adventure in itself.

We got to the stadium a few hours before game time and just took in the sites around the stadium and listened to the live music playing just outside. We'd gotten there early so that we could shop for the jacket and jersey that Alex wanted to get. We weren't able to get in the big store though, till after the gates opened and oh my gosh...the shop was PACKED!! You could barely get through the place and once you got what you wanted, the wait in line was a good half hour or more. We couldn't find the jacket in Alex's size so he settled for just the jersey...but as he came out of the shop, donning his new jersey, a cart of the jackets were being wheeled in. He went back in the swarm of people and found his jacket and stood in line AGAIN. This was totally unexpected because if you know my husband, you know that he is NOT a patient person...especially in stores, etc. He must have really wanted those things. LOL

The weather was on the chilly side up there. We were sure to wear layers because once the sun went down, it would be around 30*. Alex and I really don't have clothes for that type of weather. Jim and Keela took care of us though...they brought extra scarves and things to help keep us warm. I think it dropped to about 27* that night. We were on the 4th level. It really wasn't that bad with all the people around us. Alex and I went down to the concourse to grab a bite to eat and being out in the open with the wind blowing, we got REALLY COLD!!! And from that point, it took some time to warm up again.

But, the Cardinals WON!!!! 5-0!!!! Bringing the Series to 2 games to 1. Game 4 was rained out last night...thank goodness we were there when we were. To go all that way and not be able to see the game. That would have been horrible.

I slept all the way home...we stopped for lunch on the way home and then I slept from the time we got home (around 3) till 7:30 this morning. I was exhausted! (and I think a bit on the dehydrated side)

Today, I'm awake...I feel like I could probably go back to sleep again and I look like hell! My eyes are all puffy and I really need to rehydrate myself. I still need to get the dogs from the vet and catch up on a few things here at home. I need to rest up and get ready to leave at 4:15 Saturday morning for our first Regatta. We're headed to Gainesville for the Head of the Gator Race.

I need to stay home for a while...I don't like being this crazy busy. LOL


Your Dear Son Kyle said...

VET! I used to work at a vet. I would've taken good care of dear Sunny and Koda.

Glad you had a nice time. Hopefully Detroit can come back in the series.

Stacie said...

WOW! Sounds like a fabulous time!!

Beardawgie said...

Great slide show. Looks like you had a blast! Must be kinda weird wearing parkas and bundling up for a baseball game though. Certainly not the baseball weather I was used to as a kid.