Where DOES the time go??? Really?????

OK...OK...where have I been??? HOLY SMOKES, I didn't realize it'd been nearly THREE freakin months since I posted to my blog. Thanks to my friends Jess and Heather for pointing this little tidbit out to me. Goodness...time flies. I get so tired of hearing myself say that. Maybe I should take a breather and regroup?

Lets see...where to begin?

I'm still at Piktails. And enjoying it for the most part. I'm hardly scrapping anything anymore, but have done a few page samples for the store and have put together a class sample or two also. I'm not one to "create on demand" so coming up with class ideas is a stretch for me. Most of my things are on a whim...if it looks good, I'll do a class. I don't mind the teaching part of things...it's the coming up with the ideas that I suck at. I really miss scrapping for myself but my room has become the catch all for the rest of the house and most of my regularly used scrappy things are at the store. I really should bring them home and get busy doing something for "ME" each day. Sounds like a great idea anyway.
When I'm not working, I'm usually at the dance studio in the evenings. Emily decided to give THREE classes a shot and Dance Co. this year. She's in one company number and an alternate for another. I hope that she gets picked up for the second company number. It's really a cute dance and I really hate to put in all this time, money and effort for her to have to sit and watch the others perform the dance. Only time will tell, I suppose. So, she's in a tap, ballet/jazz combo and a musical theatre class...and both numbers for company are Musical Theatre. These pictures here are from a performance that they did last weekend at a dinner for the Foundation for Fighting Blindness. It was great to see the girls perform this and do so well at it too. It only took them about 4 weeks to learn it and it came together beautifully! And they all looked so cute in their grass skirts costumes too. This picture here scares the daylights out of me. Where is my baby girl???

Of course, when I'm not at the dance studio, most of the rest of that time is spent doing Crew stuff. I'm doing the registration stuff for the second year in a row and am also heading up the Ad Book for our regatta in the Spring. If you'd like to buy an ad for our book, give me a shout. It could just be a little "shout out" to Josh or to the team...or a business ad too. All proceeds help support Boone Crew. Sorry for the shameless plug...but every bit helps. LOL .
These next few pictures were taken during our weekend in Chattanooga at the Head of the Hooch Regatta. After a loooooooooong Mears bus ride up, the team did their magic by rowing on the TN River. Josh's 4 took 8th and his 8 took 19th. Not bad at all, if you ask me. They'd love to medal of course...next year is another poke at it. How awesome would that be...to medal at the Hooch in Josh's Sr. year!!
It's so hard to believe that this is Josh's THIRD year on the Crew Team. I remember when he came home just a few weeks into his Freshman year and said that he wanted to give this a shot I swear this boy EATS SLEEPS and DREAMS rowing. He's pretty good at it too, from what I gather. (proud mommy moment, of course).

Today was our last regatta of the Fall season. We take somewhat of a break, practicing on a modified schedule now till after the Holidays. We all worked hard to pull the first annual Head of the Giblet Regatta together. It was a success and to celebrate, a few of us are headed to the Claddagh Cottage for a celebratory pint.

Until next time...


bcre8uv said...

Good to see you posting again! Sounds like you have the same case of Busy Mom Syndrome that I do.

Heather said...

It's good to see you blogging again!
Holy Cow Does Em. look grown up. Love her dance outfit-will be fun for you to scrap I am sure....

Anonymous said...

i just now saw your blog update! i too slacked for a couple of months...but i'm back:) hope you are doing well and have had a good, fresh start to '08!

Olson said...

Um....Denise...check out my Blog-- you have been tagged. :P